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INEC-Analytic software system

There are two variants of software products, intended for analysis and planning of corporate and organizational activity, to be offered:
  • INEC-Analytic - for computerization of enterprises, whose major activity is manufacturing products or rendering services.
  • INEC-Analytic (T) - for computerization of companies, whose major activity is wholesale and retail trade.

The most well-known INEC software products is the INEC-Analytic software system. Our numerous partners have appreciated its advantages since 1995. Popularity of this software system among our customers enables us to give the name Analytic to all the series of the INEC software products meant for the analysis and planning of enterprises' activity.

The INEC-Analytic is considerably different from the analogue class software products, because the result of working herewith is the comprehensive financial and economic analysis of the current company standing, as well as the business plan, duly prepared and corresponding to regulations of leading Russian and international financial institutions.

The INEC-Analytic software system, fully including the possibilities of the INEC-AFSP and INEC-ADP software programs, makes it possible to additionally fulfill the entire range of operations on planning corporate activity.

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