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Corporate analysis and planning. Analytic series

Purpose of the series

The Analytic series software products are intended for financial and economic analysis and company activity planning and are of a tripartite orientation.

The first one is intended for internal analysis of company activity and the drawing up of its development plan. Using the analytic series products financial directors, company managers and outside auditors reveal the company organizational and financial problems, estimate the work efficiency of its structural units, draw up a business plan, choose most promising activity trends, prepare documentation for attracting additional funds, evaluate the expedience of the company restructuring.

The second one is meant for the external analysis and control over company activity.

Organizations, which employ the analytic software products for external analysis of and control over company activity, are, first of all, the following ones:

  • The government management bodies, which monitor the company financial standing in a city or region and deal with the problems of rendering financial assistance to enterprises, exercise control over state unitary enterprises and joint-stock companies with state ownership shares.
  • Commercial banks' units, taking decisions on extending credits in favor of companies and organizations and establishing reserves for possible loan losses
  • Holdings, evaluating work efficiency of branches and prospects of their development;
  • Suppliers, evaluating the company potential to pay for products and services;
  • Auditors and consulting firms, estimating the financial and economic standing of enterprises and developing project plans for their development;
  • Investors, evaluating the investment attractiveness of Russian facilities;
  • Insurance companies, analyzing financial and economic standing of insurants.

The third one is meant for educational establishments, teaching their audience in fundamentals of financial and economic analysis and planning. Thus, the Analytic series software products are used for both, conducting quality internal analysis and planning of company activity and external evaluation of company standing and development prospects.

The INEC company is an unconditional leader in creating methods and software in the field of financial analysis, monitoring and company activity planning. It is the winner of open tenders on the introduction of systems of monitoring financial and economic analysis and planning of public sector enterprises' activity. As of today, the analytic series programs are successfully functioning within the monitoring analytical systems of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Property Relations, Ministry of Agriculture, six Departments, Directorates and committees of the Moscow government.

By Resolution of the Presidium of the Board of the Russian Federation's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TPP RF) N 121-18 dd. December 22, 1999, the Standard of the TPP RF on evaluating reliability of enterprises as partners for entrepreneurial activity in Russian and abroad, has been accepted and enacted. The Standard is based on methods, realized in the Analytic series software products.

Since 2001 the Russian National Investment Forum, whose main task is to enhance investor interest in Russian companies, has been establishing the Golden Reserve of the Fatherland, by way of evaluating corporate financial standing according to the INEC-AFSP software program

In 2002 within the framework of the Electronic Russia Federal targeted program the INEC specialists worked out a concept and set of activities intended for the Russian Economic Development Ministry, on the establishing of a system for monitoring financial and economic activity of public sector enterprises. In June 2002 the Economic Development Ministry implemented the system for monitoring and planning activity of state unitary enterprises and joint-stock companies under government control, as well as in the municipal sector.

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